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Weed domains : Florida investor looking to cash out on marijuana names

Tim Papadeas is looking to cash out on a large stash of marijuana-related domain names.

More than 200 domains are up for sale, according to the email we received from the enterprising Floridian.

Although the growing and sales of weed is not yet legal in many states in the US, owning a weed-related domain is just fine.

Tim Papadeas is selling 200 ganja-related domains.

Tim Papadeas is selling 200 ganja-related domains.

According to the ganja-preneur, Papadeas:

“I know patience will bear more fruit but sometimes life gets in the way and unfortunately, I need to sell sooner than later.”

Any foray into the burgeoning weed business is wise and weed related domains are a natural component to the industry. At just over 200 clever and brandable .com’s, the huge earning potential of the WeedDealerDomains portfolio is evident. All realistic offers will be considered.

For more information on this 420-friendly sale, be an adult and head over to WeedDealerDomains.com to place your offer for Tim’s domains.

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2 Responses to “Weed domains : Florida investor looking to cash out on marijuana names”
  1. Amanda says:

    The weed domains are a great investment in my opinion. So many different kinds of stores selling marijuana have opened in states where its legal. Growers are branching off into the endless products that can be made with the leftover plant after its harvested. The right domain names can really have some real potential in this area and keep in mind every year more states legalize it.

  2. Bryan says:

    Biz420.com allows FREE buying and selling all marijuana / cannabis related domain names (no broker fees of any kind). Definitely a site to check out if you are in the industry. There are hundreds of domains listed and more being added every day.

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