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Welcome to Tajikistan: Phishing Paradise

Women from Tajikistan cook, clean and sew - despite having a rather prominent unibrow.

A travel agent in Tajikistan – the landlocked former Soviet republic that borders Afghanistan – has come up with an ingenious plan to increase traffic to the country as a tourist destination.

Majik Kunajik, a self-made millionaire from the capital Dushanbe, is currently buying lots of unusable domain traffic.

By unusable, we literally mean junk traffic that no domain parking company would pay even one penny for.

“Yes, idea mine very secure, I buy very bad traffic from domains all world, like viagra sites, typosquat traffic, pigeonshit traffic – I buy it all”, says Majik Kunajik with a smile that reveals a row of a dozen golden teeth.

“After traffic lands server, point newsletter of pretty women Tajikistan – send Americans come visit country, meet future wife.”

What appears to be a mail-order bride company’s newsletter, featuring dozens of beautiful, exotic women from Tajikistan, is in fact a gigantic phishing scheme that exploits the bank account passwords of recipients.

“Ha, so Americans open email, lose bank password, I get – then tell them come visit Tajikistan I give you money back and wife from Tajikistan for life”, explains Majik.

“So happy both Americans and Tajikistan wedding very easy with dollars here. Many Americans have wife in US and Tajikistan, so works well! I keep only 5% fee for marriage happy ending!”, adds Majik.

In other words, the recipients of the newsletter actually have no choice but to visit Tajikistan and get married to the local women, some of which might be pretty once they shave their facial hair, but on occasion an unlucky tourist ends up with a spinster of rather ripe age.

The travel agency has witnessed an incredible 3500% increase of visitors, thanks to this type of “forced tourism” to Tajikistan.

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5 Responses to “Welcome to Tajikistan: Phishing Paradise”
  1. ARt says:

    Irony of it i own tajikistantours.com which i bought years ago, if anyone wants to buy it, let me know.

  2. Developin 4 life says:

    It looks like a big “Bloggermouth” might have gotten exiled to Tajikistan. I am sure he will start sucking up to Majik Kunajik and professing, short of worship his many accomplishments and how wonderful he is.
    Bootlickers are disgusting.

  3. it’s not April already is it ?

  4. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    ARt – That’s actually a wonderful opportunity for you to make lots of money – not to mention, get a great wife from Tajikistan 😀

    Developin 4 life – Majik Kunajik is a smart man of many braincells so I’m sure he can’t be swayed.

    Veyron – It’s September 22nd, first day of Autumn in the northern hemisphere.

  5. BullS says:

    Tajikistan and US are strong allies and that where Americans are so much love there.

    Have green $$$$ will travel

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