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What direction have you twiddled your thumbs while waiting on PPC to increase recently?

We had a very popular topic the other day, asking from DomainGang visitors to state how many times they had twiddled their thumbs while waiting on PPC to increase.

After extreme social networking that generated several self-promoting links from people we never heard before, my buddy Jimmy Boffa emailed me saying it was about time to do it again. As if, PPC rates change that often.

Whatever, biatch.

At first, the voices in my head were telling me “don’t do it, keep it private, nobody should know what the PPC rates are!” but eventually I decided to list some of these rates. What the heck, people, you know me, I blog about the length of my toenails if I can.

  • 3 cents for “bologna” keyword on Sedo
  • 5 cents for “penis larger” keywords on Whypark
  • 12 cents and then 15 cents for “domainer dating” on Sedo
  • 1 dollar and 25 cents (!!!) for “dog walker NYC” on Sedo – told you!
  • 1 cent three times for “minisite development”
  • 25 cents for “circumcised antelope” – that was the oddest keyword on Parked
  • 10 cents and 12 cents for “douchebag” – I don’t mind, it’s money
  • 35 cents for “sell gold teeth” – Sedo definitely a winner here, and
  • 40 cents for “suck me beautiful” – adult keywords on Sedo are on a roll

So there you go, PPC is increasing for me, it’s clear from these rates above. If you want to post some of yours, be my guest, I don’t care really, I just blog because it makes me feel important.

But regardless, I welcome your comments and insight and please click on my advertisers as well. 😀

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One Response to “What direction have you twiddled your thumbs while waiting on PPC to increase recently?”
  1. John says:

    LOL that’s some crazy PPC 😀

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