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What is the longest .NYC domain name in use?

Dot .NYC is only for New Yorkers.

Dot .NYC is only for New Yorkers.

Earlier today we were challenged by the folks behind Meetup.NYC to find the longest .NYC domain name in existence.

The caveat: the domain has to be in use.

Lo and behold, we put ZFBot, the ultimate domain research tool, to good use and the results are just in.

Nope, it’s not Thenewmillenniumtrainingcenter.nyc as Art Malkov of Meetup.NYC suggested.

That’s only 30 characters, excluding the .NYC.

The longest .NYC domain in use is BloombergOncePaidTwoMiddleClassImmigrantsToFightEachOther.NYC. 😀

That’s a whopping 57 characters in length, and what an amazing content it serves!


While minimalist, the domain was registered by TV network personality, John Oliver, in 2014.


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