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What’s wrong with this “domain lawyer” web site?

If you’re looking for a domain lawyer, you might be tempted to type in DomainLawyer.com.

This exact match domain was registered a while ago, in 1997, according to DomainTools.

It definitely seems like a good choice for a secondary portal for any reputable IP law or patent office, along with domain lawyer specialists.

For example, if your law firm is Smith & Jones, getting such an exact match keyword related to your field of expertise, would require the creation of a portal showcasing the benefits of using Smith & Jones, and linking to the firm’s web site.

In the case of DomainLawyer.com, things look a bit muddy. We identified several, so here’s what we found:

  • Under legal assistance services, there’s a bunch of “text, text, text, text”
  • Terms of service and Privacy Policy are non existent
  • The firm’s address is Lorem Street 2020, Ipsum City 1000
  • The phone number is 800-222-222
  • There is zero information about the firm, its lawyers, associates or background in law

So who owns the domain DomainLawyer.com ?

DomainTools screenshots from 2016 show the domain being forwarded to WN.com, a portfolio holder of premium domains.

WHOIS records from 2018 show the registrant of DomainLawyer.com as “Dharshinee Naidu” with an address in New York.

According to a post in Quora, Dharshinee Naidu has more than 100,000 domain names under management. They are also appearing as Respondent in UDRP cases involving domains such as HoldOn.com, Floatel.com and several Stanford domains.

Some sources say that “Dharshinee Naidu” is the name of the daughter of the actual owner, a company based in Singapore that owns WN.com. They most likely sold Groups.com to Facebook a year ago.

Regardless, it seems that DomainLawyer.com is not associated with a legal service currently, and if they do, they are in need of providing identifiable information, and a web developer that would put everything together to make it look legitimate.

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