When Banks compete for a dot .BANK domain name

Dot .Bank domains are strictly issued to bank institutions only, and they are gaining traction among the tech-savvy financial companies.

As a regulated new gTLD, dot .Bank has a slow rate of increase, with 2846 domains currently in use.

There is an issue, however, when banks with similar names compete for the same domain.

Take, for example, Signature Bank of Arkansas, that secured Signature.Bank, and Chicago based Signature Bank.

The latter, had to settle for SignatureBank.Bank, which sounds and looks a bit odd. However, who are we to judge, when the bank officers are happy with the transition.

An article at the Daily Herald discusses the domain switch that the bank performed to the new gTLD, and is highlighting the key benefits:

  • Available only to verified financial institutions
  • Registrations are vetted with background checks on bank personnel
  • Servers prevent duplication or spoofing of website URL
  • Email authentication protects against phishing and spoofing

Anne Doligale, senior vice president at Signature Bank, continues:

“Visitors to our dot bank website still have the same seamless interaction they’ve always had, now with an extra layer of protection. Users who visit our former URL are automatically redirected to the new site. And, when a customer receives an email from a dot bank address, they know that the communication is from a trusted and verified institution.

Signature Bank has always maintained a zero-tolerance policy for fraud and now we are proud to be one of the first banks in Chicago to convert to dot bank to further bolster protections for our customers.”

Read the full article about the Signature Bank transition to a .Bank domain.

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  1. Retarded. Until some spammer spoofs the .bank address and ruins the consumers trust anyway.

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