Where is the Domain King moving 4,500 domains to?

Since the Moniker-gate broke out at the end of last year, Rick Schwartz has been warning about the imminent move out of the Oversee-owned registrar.

As recently as April 3rd – apparently, to avoid an April 1st Fool’s Day confusion – the Domain King announced that the bird is about to fly away from the nest.

The “bird” is his account of 4,500 domain names that apparently reside at Moniker.

That would be a Herculean task, however, because as many authorization codes would have to be obtained in order for the domain names to be transferred out.

But where would Rick Schwartz move his domains to?

Although he’s currently tight-lipped about the gaining registrar, Rick is giving away some clues, based on a very simple fact: his best domain names are not with Moniker!

Indeed, all of the following domain names are with DirectNIC:

  • Ass.com
  • Porno.com
  • Sexo.com
  • Property.com
  • Queen.com
  • Unemployed.com
  • Stud.com
  • Associations.com

And so forth.

It seems that Moniker holds the bulk amount of second-tier domains that Rick Schwartz owns, not the best ones of his portfolio.

Regardless, moving 4,500 domain names away from Moniker would be a serious dent to the Oversee-owned registrar. Would Rick Schwartz use Frank Schilling’s iRegistry for that matter?

We shall see! 😀

Where should Rick Schwartz move his domains to?

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5 Responses to “Where is the Domain King moving 4,500 domains to?”
  1. BullS says:

    I really don’t care.

    Let them drop–the pigeon shit

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    BullS – Are you saying the Domain King hasn’t cleaned the nest yet?

  3. Anunt says:

    He loves getting his ass licked…i mean kissed…so who ever kisses his ass the most gets his 4500 domains!

    The registrar company that kisses his ass by becoming a sponsor at his TRAFFIC will get his domains!

    But nobody in the domaining world gives a fuck where he moves his domains!

    I recommend Godaddy.com

  4. Dave Zan says:

    Surely Rick can afford to have his own registrar like Frank. Unless he’s shopping for one instead of creating his own?

  5. starlita the rusty sherriffs badge says:

    Dave, to have your own registrar you have to be mildly technically minded.
    Rick can just about switch his laptop on and reg a domain lol
    he can’t pay anyone to do the transfers for him as he won’t trust anyone so therefore he’s gotta do them manually
    not sure if he can just unlock them all and do a bulk transfer at moniker
    also directnic are not cheap i don’t think, plus rick put 10 years on a lot of his domains i noticed so if he transfers in somewhere he may lose a year as 10 is the max lol
    but yeah, who gives a fuck, lol

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