Where to sell your domains: A 2012 anti-guide to achieving huge Domain Sales

The latest bout of bad economy has left many domain owners hanging.

So where would you sell your domains, and how would you sell them? This is a short guide about how to make money selling your domain names in the year of our Lord, 2012.

First of all, you need to find out how much your domain is worth.

Although it’s not hard to guess that your domain is worthless, you can still spend $35 and get it appraised at Sedo.

Or move over to Valuate.com and test out Estibot’s code as implemented by French domain entrepreneur, Francois. You might be surprised, pleasantly or otherwise.

If you want an opinion still, head over to NamePros and discuss the same subject with hundreds of other teenage boppers and aspiring domain flippers. Get a free $x,xxx valuation for your seemingly worthless domain and an instant ego-boost.

Your most obvious domain selling destination is eBay.

There are thousands of domains listed on this ever-busy marketplace, some have the potential of selling for millions – according to their sellers. Time to list your own and ask for millions of dollars. After all, you do want to become rich selling domains, correct?

You can also try Craigslist, it’s free. Once you list your domain, you will be able to receive numerous offers, ranging from a few bucks to a dozen dollars. But in domaining, every dollar counts and when you don’t spend money advertising, it’s all good.

Another domain selling destination is school or college. Don’t underestimate the power of the school or college cafeteria corkboard! There are plenty of ways to pimp your ad, try color markers and don’t forget to print the domain using large, ghetto graffiti fonts. Ya feel me, dude?

If you actually have a job, you can always drop the “D-Word” when out on a lunch break with your buddies.

Pretend you have been doing this for years, then whisper the words “investment opportunity“. You’ll be surprised how well a conspirator’s voice works. Flipping your domains to your co-workers is a good way to have lunch money as well as tips for those after hours trips to your local strip joint.

Finally, your Church, Mosque, Synagogue or spiritual center is another great place to sell your domains.

Praise the Lord, Yahweh or Allah or whoever runs that particular holy place; all you are there for is to make a sale. Approach the other faithful while they are praying, and say that [insert name of Divine entity here] came to your dream in a fiery ball of fire from heavens, and that you will be offering that particular domain for money, of which 10% will go towards the Ronald McDonald house or other trendy non-profit. Instant cash!

Selling your domain name in the year 2012 is not an easy task. We hope that by following this domain selling guide you will be able to rope in the earnings that your domains deserve.

You will thank us later!

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