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Which domainer owns a Kalashnikov?

Russian small arms manufacturer, Kalashnikov, is no longer just about military weapons.

The producers of the world renowned AK-47 automatic are now branching into fashion, taking their famous brand, Kalashnikov, to a new level.

Sanctions on the Russian firm inspired their brand diversification, as seen on the official Kalashnikov web site.

The Kalashnikov apparel line will capitalize on the rapid growth of patriotism in Russia related to the theme of war; by the end of 2016 there will be 60 new Kalashnikov retail stores throughout Russia.

It’s interesting seeing such an aged brand lacking ownership of the matching .com domain, however, as Kalashnikov.com is offered for sale via domain brokers eNaming.

So who is the domain investor that owns this fine Kalashnikov?

According to our research, it appears to have been in the possession of Sahar Sarid for several years.

Although the WHOIS changed to a Hong Kong corporation recently, we have reasons to believe the domain’s ownership has not changed.

Will the Russian arms manufacturer pay at least seven figures to acquire it?

The official Kalashnikov web site.

The official Kalashnikov web site.

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