Whirlpool effect : Failed domain investments depicted in shocking video!

A new, shocking video that has been released by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, clearly depicts the outcome of some major failures in domain investing.

Some domain investments can create a hole in the water effect.

Some domain investments can create a hole in the water effect.

According to sources familiar with the subject, domain investors often create a similar “whirlpool” effect by failing to adhere to some sound financial principles.

“It’s not rare for domain investors to pour lots of money down the proverbial drain,” said Forbes financial adviser, Marty McFlat.

“With thousands of TLDs, ccTLDs and gTLDs available, it’s a mystery why many domainers go after the most stupid options, when clearly there are alternatives,” added McFlat.

Thousands of domain names are dropped daily, after their owners create a whirlpool effect with their finances; instead of weeding out the bad names early on, they renew these domains for years and years.

The financial implications of such irresponsible domain investments can be devastating.

“Clearly, we are here to help you understand the concept of money loss and sound domain investments,” said Marty McFlat.

The video below confirms all this in the most dramatic way.

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