White Castle’s “Crave Clutch” won’t arrive with the matching #domain

White Castle is adjusting to the pandemic’s changes in food consumption and packaging, rolling out the Crave Clutch.

The Crave Clutch ™ box contains 20 sliders and four small fries and costs $20 in most White Castle locations. It’s the first time the 99-year-old hamburger chain has introduced new packaging in 16 years.

While food is being delivered as a new package, White Castle did not secure the matching .com domain, CraveClutch.com.

Someone registered it today, and from the looks of it they are a domain investor as it’s registered at NameBright.

Rolling out a new brand with its own unique packaging, such as the Crave Clutch, should arrive with the matching .com domain, no doubt. Why would White Castle fail to secure it?

For the enterprising registrant of Crave Clutch, the future isn’t exactly bright: Crave Crate, the 2004 launch by White Castle, has its matching .com registered in 2015 and White Castle seems to not be interested.

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