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White Trash .com : Facebook deletes page content and followers with no explanation

Media Group, owners of WhiteTrash.com and its matching Facebook page, White Trash, are up in arms.

Facebook apparently deleted their page in November, eliminating not just its content but also over 1 million followers! 🙁

Mark Zuckerberg‘s social network has not given any explanation so far, and the owners are starting over from scratch.

“To those of you that find yourself visiting this page, I really don’t know what to say. It is a sad day indeed. Yesterday we had 1,043,009 followers and years of work on this page. Today we have 1 follower. Hopefully Facebook will have mercy on us and restore this page and it’s followers.”

Unlike conventional web sites that can get backed up and restored in the event of a server failure, Facebook pages cannot, and can be taken offline at any time, for any reason that seems to violate the Facebook terms and conditions.

Quite often, no explanation is provided, and owners get upset from the lack of response by the social media giant.

According to the new Facebook page for White Trash:

They deleted the page. No clarification, nothing, possibly automated system. I am hoping to get the page restored but haven’t been able to find anyone that works at facebook or anyone that will answer calls/messages. Had a lot of business running through this page.

Now would be a great time for Media Group to build their web site with the same content as before, instead of pointing it to Facebook and making Mark Zuckerberg richer.

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  1. Mark should change his name to The Dark Overlord ZUK

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