Who is the Chinese spammer that emails every LLLL .com owner?

Phuck all spammers.

Phuck all spammers.

If you own LLLL .com domains, this isn’t news to you: a Chinese spammer has been sending out email offers for every LLLL .com permutation there is.

That’s thousands of spam emails, non stop.

Hiding behind QQ number accounts and temporary domains, the spammer offers between 1600 to 1800 yuan for every domain.

That’s the equivalent of about $300 for your LLLL .com.

Our “friend” varies his offers depending on the letters, but rest assured that these offers undercut the true value of these domain assets by a factor of 10 at minimum.

Western buyers would pay a true market price for any “non junk” combination that excludes XYZQJ garbage. Sure, these combos might trade for up to $300 at Chinese auctions but you’d be taking a loss if you sold it to them.

The majority of the email subjects translate as such:

The domain name is your right, ****.com 1700 sell it? Requirements Full Initials

What this English-challenged spammer means, is that they want you to acknowledge that you own the domain, signing with your initials some sort of agreement. The actual email contains the following in Chinese:

“I buy a lot of second-hand domain. Do you have those for sale? Want to sell the domain name, please add qq ***”

Second hand domain. Love it. Your domain investment is “second hand” to these folks, so expect “second hand” prices.

So who is this phuckstick spammer that sends out such emails?

You can ignore the email addresses the spam comes from, as they want you to negotiate via QQ, a Chinese messenger system.

The email headers show this IP as the sender of spam: which appears to be in Hong Kong. The server has open ports as a mailer, and is being controlled remotely.

You can safely block this IP at your server or include it to your spam filters as it’s delivered as part of the email headers. Problem solved.

If these spammers change their mailer’s IP we will publish the new one as well.

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2 Responses to “Who is the Chinese spammer that emails every LLLL .com owner?”
  1. DavidB says:

    Been getting these for weeks now. The same guy over and over again, thanks for the tip on how to block them. Prices offered are ridiculous for premium letters!!

  2. Vinod.R says:

    I started getting the same offers from the same person for the numerals too.

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