Why is #Disney using a Senegalese #domain name?

Di.sn is a two letter Senegalese domain

Entertainment giant, Disney, is using a Senegalese domain name and it’s not about the Lion King franchise.

Operating from Disney.com, Disney uses Go.com for its humongous store, and a .sn domain for its social media.

That domain is Di.sn that can be almost be pronounced as “Disney”—if you’re from some tall grass side of the woods. 😀

Di.sn does not have a landing page, however; it’s a URL shortener just like Bit.ly. An error pops up when someone visits Di.sn indicating that there’s nothing there.

Looking up the number of links using the domain Di.sn, however, reveals almost 12,000 links!

The Senegalese domain was registered in 2018.

As terms and conditions for .sn domains are dictated by NIC Senegal, it’s a risky move that Disney is willing to take at the price of about 15 EUR /year.

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