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Wikileaks unveils human side of ICANN officials during conferences

Wikileaks claims this is Fadi Chehade in 1972.

Wikileaks claims this is Fadi Chehade in 1972.

Wikileaks, the de facto web site that often publishes shocking revelations about politics and officials, released a batch of intimate or otherwise personal messages of ICANN officials.

“Sweetheart, having dinner with our CEO, could you please pick up the kids today? I’ll be really nice to you tonight *wink*” said one message, attributed to the regional ICANN officer who sent an email to his wife.

Other emails or messages were less loving, however.

“F*** it, not using Expedia next time to book a hotel, this Sheraton is worse than a horse stable, no gourmet soap!” exclaimed another, about hotel reservations in Buenos Aires.

Wikileaks also released conversations that took place over instant messenger.

This particular one records the exchanges of ICANN guests during the ICANN 41 conference in Singapore, and others that stayed behind.

“How’s the weather, b*tch?”

“You’re just jealous you weren’t invited lol – weather is a little rainy but food is exceptional, what’s new?”

“I hope you choke on that crunchy snake salad!”

“Hey now, I hope you’re jesting and it’s eel, dufus, not snake.”

The Wikileaks report posted a photo of ICANN CEO, Fadi Chehadé when he was 10 years old, a far cry from today’s bespectacled businessman and an excellent student, according to an attached school report: Fadi excelled in Mathematics, Geography, Latin, Arabic, French, Turkish and Physical Education.

More releases are expected from Wikileaks, apparently timed to coincide with ICANN 48 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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