Will Obama bomb down Bit.ly ?

The latest round of bombing in Libya has been targeting the headquarters of Gaddafi – the Libyan dictator who has been controlling this African nation for the past 42 years.

While the coalition of US, French, British and Spanish forces have been aiming military strategic compounds, there is also the Internet, controlled by the Libyan Telecom & Technology.

A large number of domains have been allocated as “domain hacks” to companies in the US, among which is Bit.ly – the popular URL shortener.

Other services using the Libyan TLD have faced problems in the past, such as VB.ly that was closed down due to showing images of women with bare arms or holding alcoholic beverages. Under the Sharia law, that’s not permitted.

So what will happen if the coalition forces bombed the Libyan Telecom & Technology headquarters?

Effectively, Bit.ly and other services such as Ow.ly and Ad.ly will be forcibly terminated.

Let’s hope that the situation in Libya is diffused soon – or else other URL shorteners such as GoDaddy’s X.co will become the default tools of the trade.

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2 Responses to “Will Obama bomb down Bit.ly ?”
  1. Anthony says:

    Lmao! Will Obama bomb Bit.ly! I love it.

    Gaddafi could be getting some funding from the .ly registrations… Suggestion: Tomahawk cruise missile into Libya telecom.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. mosstrooper says:

    A time.ly end to blood.ly sil.ly short.ly domain hacks!

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