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Will the first .CO UDRP be for a hefty slice of Pizza?

This is going to be one expensive pizza delivery!

It’s Sunday afternoon and that old tv ad comes to mind: It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno.

Nowadays, here at DomainGang we make our own, home-made pizza with fresh ingredients and even self-made dough. It beats the living jiggy-biggies out of DiGiorno, any day of the week.

DiGiorno – or rather, Nestlé USA – understands the importance of protecting their brand and the market share they possess.

Despite their sizable share in the pre-made pizza market, DiGiorno was not proactive enough to have registered DiGiorno.co

Let’s see what Dominos does; these guys have one of the oldest pizza chains in the US – and they want to keep it this way. Their registration of Dominos.co occurred during the sunrise period for trademark holders. They don’t point it however to the .com – not the best move.

The same is true for Pizza Hut; the domain PizzaHut.co was reserved for them during the sunrise period and it’s also not pointing to their main website, PizzaHut.com

And now for the big shocker, full of double cheese, spicy Italian sausage and onions: our favorite pizza chain, Papajohns, missed the message of their own marketing campaign.

Of course, Papa John Schnatter is busy baking millions of pizzas every year, but still, why allow some guy from faraway Hong Kong grab your corporate name for the price of a Papajohns delivery?

Papajohns.co is not only registered, it’s also parked at Bodis; reaping the traffic of millions of fast-typing college kids that alternate between pizza orders and Chatroulette sessions.

So will Papajohns.co be the first .CO domain to go to WIPO? We’ll have to wait and see how quick the Papajohns corporation realizes the number of orders they’re missing.

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5 Responses to “Will the first .CO UDRP be for a hefty slice of Pizza?”
  1. gerry says:

    My gut tells me it will be…

    …how did that saying come into being?

    “My gut tells me”. Usually this is a very private, personal, biological function…my gut tells me it’s time to fart. My gut tells me its time to take a dump. My gut tells me it is hungry, it is bloated, or it is sticking out from my shirt.

    My gut tells me pants I wore last year do not fit anymore. Most of all, it is not defying gravity and, despite all that hoopla, those aren’t love handles.

    Besides, since when do our guts advise us on domain and other monetary matters?

    Some say, “Go with your heart” or “Go with your Head”. But, “Go with your Gut”?

    My “guess” is something like Pepsi.co, who also did not reserve their brand.

    It will be someone that is into hacking.

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Doc – Pepsi.co is a protected, reserved name at the .CO Registry. But of course, I prefer Coke 😀

  3. tricolorro says:

    “My gut tells me pants I wore last year do not fit anymore.”

    That’s not your gut telling you.

    That’s your a s s letting you know. 🙂

  4. iblogs says:

    .co registry reserved lot of indian geo names 😀 which do not male any sense

  5. Uzoma says:

    .CO is a major conundrum … I don’t see how it doesn’t go up however; not because it “looks” like .com, but also doubles for COMPANY. The .CO will put .COM where it belongs – Commerce, and .CO paired to COMPANY. Sure .COM will still be king for many years to come, there’e isn’t much wrong with Vice King!

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