Windows 10 can delete crap domains remotely!

PigeonDomains launches new domain service.

Pigeon shit domains can be deleted remotely.

If you rushed to upgrade to Windows 10, better take notice.

Microsoft has incorporated a layer of remote management technology, able to detect, isolate and eventually delete domain names of dubious quality.

Often referred to as ‘pigeon shit’ domains, they reside in domain portfolios for years, infesting them like a virus.

“A lot of domain investors acquire and perpetually renew worthless domain names, and we are going to save them a lot of money using Windows 10,” said Tripathi Quarpasathra, a senior engineer at Microsoft.

“With Windows 10 and Cortana enabled, you can give it a command such as ‘Cortana, delete pigeonshit’ and it will send a deletion command through the registrar API,” added Quarpasathra.

By using Windows 10, serious domain investors are thus able to focus on quality domain names, as opposed to junk. Naturally, there is no solution at the moment for the unlucky owners of Apple computers.

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  1. Hire Domains says:

    I normally have my butler do it for me

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