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Windows 8 logo revealed – Who squatted on the .com ?

Windows 8 has a new logo – and it’s back to the roots, if you may.

The Windows 8 logo steps away from the rolling “flag” logo that we’re used to seeing for several years from Microsoft OS launches.

It’s basic, classic and clean. Some say, because it looks like the alternate Greek flag 😀

However, who’s the smartass that registered Windows8Logo.com – it surely isn’t Microsoft, according to top WHOIS tool, Domaintools.

What are the odds that it could end up at Flippa.com, much like this other violation of a Microsoft trademark?

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One Response to “Windows 8 logo revealed – Who squatted on the .com ?”
  1. montel says:

    The real violation here is to our eyes and brains. That Windows 8 interface sucks. If they are seriously going to go with that for Windows (and I also heard MS Office 15 too!) then I am done with Microsoft. I’ll use Windows 7 until its declared dead and then move to either OS X or some form of linux (gulp) but anything is better than that “Metro” interface. It really sucks.

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