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Winter storm power loss led to mass #domain deletion

The ongoing winter storm in the US has led to extended power loss. Millions of customers in several states are without power, among them Deep Freeze Domains.

The secure domain registrar operates from Texas, a hard-hit state. After 16 hours without power and the depletion of generator fluid, the registrar’s secure assets were rendered unrecoverable.

Deep Freeze Domains

“Our Deep Freeze domain program has been terminated and we lost about 5,000 domains that were stored in a deep cryo state, it’s devastating,” said Deep Freeze Domains manager, Paul R. Bear.

“This isn’t the same as Registry protect or even the Uniregistry Double Privacy, once the temperature rises above 10 degrees Kelvin the domain microcode is destroyed,” add Paul R. Bear.

If your domains were registered with Deep Freeze Domains you’ll notice that you can no longer access them through the management portal; you have every right to be upset, but there’s not much you can do.

In exactly 5 days from now, the domain ghost records will be erased and the domains will magically re-appear on DropCatch, to be auctioned off among overpaying domainers.

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