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Words with Friends: Howard Neu sends complaint letter to Zynga

Howard Neu with fellow WWF player, Mike Mann.

Howard Neu with fellow WWF player, Mike Mann.

Seasoned IP attorney and domain aficionado, Howard Neu, does not mince his words when it comes down to two things: Domain names and Words with Friends.

The TRAFFIC partner is an avid player of the Zynga blockbuster game, playing against as many as 20 opponents at a time.

This time around, Zynga was the recipient of Howard Neu’s wrath, rather than praise.

“I play Words with Friends during my downtime, and I’ve even convinced Rick it’s a great mind teaser for domain names,” said Howard Neu.

“The problem is that for some reason DOMAINER is not a valid word and I’ve found this to be ridiculous and offensive!” added Neu.

Including DOMAINER as a valid word in Words with Friends by Zynga will allow thousands of domainers to gain good points from a word so commonly used in the domain industry.

“I mean, if NU, QAT, QI and XU are valid words, why not DOMAINER?” asks Howard Neu, while typing away on his smart phone.

Let’s hope that Zynga should give Howard’s strongly worded letter serious attention, including the word DOMAINER within its list of valid words.

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