#Worldle: New geography riddle arrives with no #domain of its own

If you’re hooked on Wordle, the word puzzle, here comes Worldleβ€”the geography riddle.

Currently serving almost 600,000 instances a day, the game’s objective is to identify the country from its silhouette shape. Typing a country’s name and hitting the “guess” button will return its distance in kilometers from the center of the target country, the direction, and a percentage of closeness.

Unlike Wordle, it’s possible to solve the Worldle puzzle in one guess, if the country’s shape is unique and you didn’t fail geography in high school. πŸ™‚

Worldle’s developer is a French programmer open to new projects and welcoming coffee tips.

There is no official domain for Worldle, other than the programmer’s own at worldle.teuteuf.fr. Worldle.com was registered in 2008 and its registrant wants $8k for the domain.

Hurry up and play Worldle before the map of Europe changes!

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