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Would you spend $3,500 dollars for 2 years of #domain renewals?

Rick Schwartz would say you are NUTS!

In the good old days of domain investing, cutting your registration cost from $7.95 down to $7.45 was a great feat.

It required a bulk/reseller account at a registrar with an established domain clientele, and close relationships to their managers.

Those days are long gone, and not thanks to price increases by Verisign – welcome to the world of premium domain pricing for new gTLDs.

When the new gTLDs were introduced to an unsuspecting domain community, along came new rules designed to maximize the initial investment the Registries made, to secure these new extensions. Some paid the $185,000 dollar fee, but several Registries spent millions competing with others in ICANN-supervised auctions.

Google won the dot .APP auction over the other applicants, paying a winning bid of $25,001,000 dollars. Of course, we are talking about one of the biggest companies in the US, with a global footprint.

How is Google going to recoup part of its investment? With almost 400,000 .APP domains, Google is about to clock a year of registrations, and many premium domains arrive with premium pricing, in the hundreds or thousands of dollars – every year!

Domain investor, Drew Wash, shared the domain renewal cost for two of his early bird registrations. As renewal time is arriving, he has to spend $438 dollars for Warehouse.app and a whopping $1,758 dollars for Wedding.app.

These are insane prices for domains that are far too generic to rank well in Google. For comparison, FunWeddings.app would cost less than $16 at Uniregistry.

Would you spend $3,500 dollars for two years of domain registration and renewal, before realizing the cost is impossible to manage without a concrete money-maker running on the domain name?

Here’s a quick poll.

Would you spend $1,750 per year to renew a domain name?

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One Response to “Would you spend $3,500 dollars for 2 years of #domain renewals?”
  1. jj says:

    some domain names have premium price as $130,000 and renewal price is the same. Why on earth end users are going pay that.
    The business potential on thoes domain names cant compete with one who got .com for sure.

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