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Wow! Controversial TRAFFIC post about popular domainer


Shocking news, on a quiet Sunday no less, that’s otherwise occupied by the second presidential debate in the US.

A popular domain investor’s audio tape from TRAFFIC 2002 got leaked, and the controversy surrounding the content would make many gasp in disgust.

“It’s truly not what I anticipated from this domain investor,” said Mike Berkens, adding: “We continue covering the news at TheDomains.com as it happens.”

Elliot Silver, whose blog DomainInvesting.com still carries the headline “Elliot’s Blog”, stated:

“Surely it wasn’t what I had in mind to listen to on a day dedicated to family fun, Boston Red Sox and other Sunday musings. I might have to take a break from all this for a while, to recover. Stallion.com and Mania.com are for sale via Embrace.com.”

The shocking recording, made during TRAFFIC 2002, contains language inappropriate for adults, let alone children.

The leaked audio is part of the TRAFFIC 2002 DVD and memorabilia album that was intended to be delivered for free at the end of the conference, but was never completed.


Konstantinos Zournas, founder and chief editor of OnlineDomain.com, wasn’t surprised by the announcement:

“Many domain investors appear to be angels. The truth is that they are all (or most of them) experienced douchebags. I sold Hong-Kong.com by the way.”

Morgan Linton , husband of FashionMetric‘s founder, did not mince his words about the TRAFFIC tape, and unveiled the effect it had on him:

“When you listen to that tape, your skin will crawl and you’ll need a new shirt, from all the foul sweat coming through your expanded pores. At FashionMetric.com we have the right solution for you, so come get a custom-made shirt!”

It’s ridiculous that such despicable news would spoil the day of so many in our tight-knit domain investor community!

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2 Responses to “Wow! Controversial TRAFFIC post about popular domainer”
  1. HOWARD Neu says:

    Just for the record to the more gullible readers, there was no T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 2002. The first T.R.A.F.F.I.C. was in 2004.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Howard – That was the fastest ruining of a parody post ever! 😛

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