WTF? World Taekwondo Federation rolls out domain rebranding

If you’re the World Taekwondo Federation, your acronym is WTF – not exactly professional sounding!

Apparently, that’s what the sports federation realized, and instead of being associated with a “what the fuck” expanded expletive, they decided that it was time for domain rebranding.

It was a tough decision, particularly since the name has been in use since 1973; the new name, World Taekwondo, is shorter and modern sounding.

World Taekwondo logo (top) and previous one (bottom.)

World Taekwondo president, Chungwon Choue, said that the domain rebranding and launch of a new logo reflect a “commitment to evolving and adapting to remain relevant with today’s modern audiences.”

There is one small problem: the domain name is owned by a private Taekwondo academy in Missouri, since 1998.

Would they have to rebrand?

Without doubt, there will be a lot of traffic heading their way – for now, the World Taekwondo Federation uses the matching .ORG.

Hat tip: Supratik.

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