.XYZ / .CLUB domain fight : Negari brings out the Big Guns!

After sustaining some Friday taunting by dot .CLUB’s CEO, Colin Campbell, XYZ Registry founder Daniel Negari had to fight back.

Not many domainers are aware of Negari’s classification as an amateur boxer, in the featherweight class.

After taking up boxing at high school, Negari went on to win several trophies in the noble sport of boxing; he stays in shape by lifting weights, skipping rope, and skateboarding.

Yesterday’s taunts were too much for the XYZ Generation CEO, who decided to display the “big guns” in a promo shot.

“Colin, first rule of the fight .CLUB”, said Negari in a handwritten note: “Don’t mess with .XYZ”

The obvious reference to the movie “Fight Club” was a direct jab at Colin Campbell, who is challenging Negari to have an “one on one” discussion during THE Domain Conference.

With today’s display of his excellent physique, Daniel Negari indicates that he’s ready to fight for the .XYZ gTLD and for the honor of all generations – X, Y and Z.

Will Colin retaliate by registering Negari.CLUB next?


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