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.XYZ domain numbers heading up for the first time since huge drop

The .XYZ gTLD is witnessing its first uptick in domain registrations, after a huge drop of almost 3 million domain names in late summer.

Following the annual cleanup at renewal time, the remnants of a “penny promo” last year, brought .XYZ registrations down to fewer than 2.5 million.

At the same time, .XYZ registrations were blocked in China, but that has now changed, and it seems to be the driving force behind recent gains.

.XYZ hit the lowest point in 19 months in mid September, with 2.429 million domains, but it’s been climbing since; the current number stands at 2.450 million domains, according to ntldstats.

Alibaba Cloud Computing, a China-based domain registrar, is showing daily gains in .XYZ registrations (+1800 .XYZ domains today,) most likely the result of a push for .XYZ in China, now that things are back to normal.

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One Response to “.XYZ domain numbers heading up for the first time since huge drop”
  1. Tom S says:

    As a (dot) xyz investor, I am glad to see the numbers moving up. I still believe in the extension and it’s use by people looking for a fresh and different approach to their web presence.

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