XYZ ‘drama’ : Dot .com owner upset over domain name they did not receive


Did you get a free .XYZ domain?

Despite having several thousand domains in pending delete, dot .XYZ is still the top new gTLD with more than one million domain registrations, according to ntldstats.

The difference in numbers – a hefty 200,000 .XYZ domains – is due to the annual drops, after a Network Solutions robo-registration campaign occurred this time, last year.

While many complained over this unwanted .XYZ gift, one dot .com owner is quite upset for not receiving their free .XYZ domain.

“I waited patiently for weeks, hoping Network Solutions will give me a free .XYZ domain that matches my .com, but nothing happened,” said Jameel O’Brady, of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“Now, a year later, I feel completely ripped off and cheated. Why did they not send me a free domain, like tens of thousands of others? I don’t understand the double-standards here!” exclaimed O’Brady.

Promoting dot .XYZ domains as destinations of choice on the expanded Internet, is the result of a positive campaign by the XYZ Registry, which is unfazed by the tongue-in-cheek negativity of sites such as Haters.XYZ.

Jameel O’Brady is reaching out to the XYZ Registry founder and CEO, Daniel Negari, in order to get his free .XYZ domain, even if it’s one year later.

“I trust Negari, he’s a serious dude, he stands tall despite all the mud-slinging, so please Mr. Negari, give me my free .XYZ domain!”

We’ll have to wait and see how it all unfolds.

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