XYZ Registry unveils new corporate logo!

The XYZ Registry unveiled its new corporate logo earlier today, in a quiet ceremony among employees and associates of the company.

Daniel Negari, founder and CEO of the Generation X Registry movement presented the new creative, inspired by none other than Google.

“We are excited to present the new XYZ logo, and the good folks at Google worked with us for several weeks until we nailed it!” exclaimed Negari, speaking from the upper floor at the XYZ headquarters.

“By following the Google initiative, we stay committed to the ABC.XYZ project 100% – this is how we roll, baby!” added Negari, and the entire building shook with applause; some people got nervous, believing this was yet another California earthquake.

The new logo of the XYZ Registry can be seen below – it’s definitely a beautifully balanced inspiration, for a brand that’s barely one year old.

The poly-colored, sans-serif font was inspired by Lego blocks, a toy popular with many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

It delivers a bold, colorful statement about the continuity of generations, and gTLD domain investors will definitely love it.

Congratulations to Daniel Negari and his creative team for the new logo for the XYZ brand.


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3 Responses to “XYZ Registry unveils new corporate logo!”
  1. travis says:

    Question. Does Negari ever reach out to you guys after reading posts like these? Considering he has/is taking on an onslaught. This was a funny one, and the included pic, sealed the deal. hahaha

  2. DomainGang says:

    Travis – During NamesCon, Negari stated that 100 .XYZ domains get registered every time an article gets posted. While I can’t confirm it, I’ll take his word for it.

  3. Glenn Smith says:

    Kids are now learning the XYZs instead fo ABCs. 🙂

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