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Y Combinator : Which TLDs are preferred by funded start-ups?

Seed funding is the earliest stage of venture funding; it helps pay for a start-up company’s expenses, while they are getting started.

Y Combinator is a platform for angel investors, providing seed funding for startups.

How much funding a start-up needs depends on the kind of company one launches.

At Y Combinator, small investments are made in exchange for small stakes in the funded companies.

There are over 1,000 Y Combinator companies, and there is a list of those that are publicly launched. The list contains 894 companies.


Domain investor, George Kirikos, wondered what is the domain DNA of those companies, in other words, which TLDs they operate from.

We ran an analysis on those domains, not overly scientific, but detailed enough to provide a breakdown of TLDs used by the Y Combinator start-ups.

Out of 894 companies, we analyzed their domains, and got the following results:

  • 85.23% .com
  • 4.36% .io
  • 3.13% .co
  • 2.13% .org
  • 0.78% .ai
  • 0.45% .net
  • 0.45% .us
  • 0.34% .tv
  • 0.34% .in
  • 0.22% .fm
  • 0.22% .aero

There are also traces of .it, .mobi, .ly and .nu domains.

Hardly surprising that the overwhelming majority of these companies use a .com domain.

The penetration of dot .IO is surprising, as it exceeds the numbers for do .CO, which is particularly bullish on start-up use.

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