Yikes! SnapNames now powers NameJet drop-catching

For those who like their peas and carrots separate and not mixed up, this isn’t great news.

SnapNames announced that it will be powering the drop-catching services for NameJet, in a joint platform.

In other words, one does not have to bid on both NameJet and SnapNames, in order to increase their chances of catching a domain.


Naturally, this means higher prices for dropped domains, as there will be more competition on the joint platform.

Many end-users are not familiar with either SnapNames, or NameJet; the integration will place the focal point in one spot, increasing the ending price of the auctioned domains.

According to SnapNames:

The most noticeable change will occur if you enter into any multi-bidder auctions for a name through the Drop, as anyone who placed the order for the name on NameJet will be able to participate through NameJet’s platform, and will be fully integrated into the auction.

For more info on the NameJet/SnapNames integration FAQ, click here.

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