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The subject of brands and brandable domain names was never hotter.

Since the beginning of the year, the Internet name space has been expanding with the introduction of gTLDs; the competition with the old guard of TLDs is thus growing.

Never before has the domain market been so busy for the owners of quality, aged brandable .com domains, that naturally attract direct, type-in traffic and are easy to remember.

This space is filled by boutique domain name companies, and stands out for its large, quality portfolio of domain names.

Sporting the motto, “Naming and Branding Solutions“, offers hundreds of quality .com domain names, all reasonably priced.

Steven Kaziyev of YourBrand - With Mike Robertson of Domain Guardians.

Steven Kaziyev of – With Mike Robertson of Domain Guardians, during NamesCon 2014.

Steven Kaziyev, CEO and founder of, has years of experience in real estate and domain investments; Steven is a known domain investor, often attending domain conferences such as TRAFFIC, NamesCon and DomainFest. He is also the publisher of a new online domain magazine called DomainCrunch.

His company,, offers a large portion of its domain portfolio to potential buyers, along with select names of others, exclusively for sale via the company’s web site.

Says Steven:

“The main focus of is to provide quality brands for businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-up companies at affordable prices. All the brands are select .com domains that come with a professionally designed logo that are ready to use out of the box.”

A few domains from the inventory that we’d pick right off the first couple of pages, include,,,,,,,,,, and hundreds more.

For more information and to peruse the great domain inventory, visit

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