Zero carbon arena : #Amazon now hiring experienced #domainer!

Last week, Amazon announced they acquired the naming rights to Seattle’s new downtown arena, and decided to rename it to Climate Pledge Arena.

Immediately after, their legal department registered and then went to work registering similar names to protect their brand.

Good job lawyer people!

Securing more than 50 domain names, the legal team picked up names like and

OK so far?

This is how we know Amazon is hiring an experienced domainer, and the application is easy for smart domain investors with big “cojones!”

Amazon registered but didn’t register One can only imagine the millions of unique type-ins that is going to receive, daily!

In one of their top executive meetings, Jeff Bezos typed it in by accident to see how progress was going on the site. When asked by the legal department if they should also register, a shorter version, Jeff Bezos allegedly said: “I’m not sure, you figure it out – that’s what I pay you to tell me!”

So there you go.

To get this top tier Amazon job as a domain consultant, you just have to register the domain and hand deliver it to Amazon’s legal department. No other experience required.

Become a domain consultant for Amazon! – Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

Parody story kudos: Dale G.

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