Zimbabwean Mnangagwa : Dot .com domain of “no use,” says seller

Emmerson Mnangagwa is the up and coming next president of Zimbabwe, after Robert Mugabe’s arrest following a coup d’etat.

Mnangagwa apparently has been chasing the presidential spot for some time, and the right time arrived; the 93 year old Mugabe is far too old and weak politically.

Someone went ahead and registered the domain Mnangagwa.com a few months ago, as it usually happens.

The funny part is, that the message accompanying the contact form on the domain’s landing page, claims that they have “no use” for the domain.

Doh! Then why register it in the first place?

“Even though I like the new president, I have no use for this website. If you like him like I do maybe you can relieve me of this domain. It’s not for free, though. Get in touch and make an offer”

It’s a rather weak disclaimer, in case officials from Zimbabwe, or Emmerson Mnangagwa himself, claimed a stake in the domain, Mnangagwa.com.

Meanwhile, the full name, EmmersonMnangagwa.com, is parked but blocked by the PPC provider it’s pointed to.

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