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Zumba sex scandal: Alexis Wright videos, domains and trademarks

Alexis Wright, Zumba class teacher.

The trial of Alexis Wright, the fitness and Zumba teacher from Maine who allegedly operated a prostitution ring, sent thousands of curious visitors to Google.

Searches such as “Alexis Wright videos” or “Alexis Wright pics” indicate that it’s not the core event – the prostitution part – that one is interested in, but rather, the raw display of Alexis Wright’s fit body.

The so-called “Zumba sex scandal” broke out early this year, but for some odd reason, someone registered ZumbaSex.com exactly two years ago. Zumba is a registered trademark, and one would expect the ZumbaSex.com owners to be served with a UDRP sooner or later.

Alexis Wright operated her front business from PuraVidaStudio.com – an active web site that has many of its features disabled currently. On the Pura Vida Studio web site, one can view videos of Alexis Wright and her associates, dancing at the studio. They are not naked, of course, and that video of Alexis Wright can be found on YouTube.

Meanwhile, the domain name Kikicu.com is of interest as well. Hidden behind this very handle, Kikicu, Alexis Wright uploaded at least 250 videos of herself, some of which include clients having sex with her. Allegedly, there is at least one video out there that includes sexual acts of Alexis Wright with a dog!

WhileΒ Kikicu.com was registered by a person in Maine in 2011, at the height of Alexis Wright’s activity as a producer of pornographic materials, the domain is currently “parked“.

It’s fairly easy – for one reason or another – to locate nude images of Alexis Wright on the Internet, or videos for that matter. Alexis Wright is facing several counts of fraud, tax evasion and prostitution; the interest in her trial is immense, as it involves the names of her partners in crime and those of clients!

Below is a video titled “Party in Pink” from the Zumba fitness club that she operated. Oh, the irony in that name. πŸ˜€ Incidentally, PartyInPink.com is owned by Zumba fitness.

You can also watch “I wish I knew” – a “fan video” of Alexis Wright below, that is slated to become a huge hit. πŸ˜€

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4 Responses to “Zumba sex scandal: Alexis Wright videos, domains and trademarks”
  1. OMG says:

    I went to high school with Alexis at Mt. Ararat. I used to sit with her in English class. I did not know her that well, but I remember her as a nice girl. I have been following this since I heard about it on the news.

    Her meticulous documentation of johns doesn’t surprise me. Once we were talking about guys we were seeing, and she added a new name to a list of dudes. I thought at the time, maybe it was a list of guys she fucked, but I didn’t really care, because it wasn’t my business. Turns out I was probably right!

    I think prostitution should be legal, and don’t really have a problem with consenting adults having sexual relations, even if it involves acts that I think are weird and/or gross… you want to drink your own pee or be peed on? Whatever, enjoy your nasty kink, good for you.

    BUT, holy shit, beastiality?!?!?!???? I think we can agree as a collective that it way crosses the boundary of healthy libertine sex, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over into sexual deviancy. Along with taking advantage of kids and the mentally retarded.

  2. BullS says:

    OMG— I love you!!!

  3. BullS says:

    OMG– please add my name to your list.

  4. cellphone999 says:

    Alexis Wright loves dogs!

    [link removed]

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