sales price quote; “dick move,” or just a fun moment? is a great brand and a domain acquired by MicroAcquire as part of their plan to rebrand their identity.

Registered in 2000, the domain was in the possession of a Korean registrant for many years. MicroAcquire CEO, Andrew Gazdecki, pulled a fast one yesterday, quoting the acquisition price of at $2,000,000 dollars.

Many domain investors and tech industry professionals rejoiced, as the price matched the domain’s quality. Alas, it wasn’t true.

Several hours later, Andrew Gazdecki revealed the real price: $200,000 dollars. He also said he added an extra zero “for fun.”

Domainers did not LOL.

In the meantime, several domain-focused publications had produced articles covering the amazing sale of for $2 million dollars. Elliot Silver pulled his article at DomainInvesting, while we edited the headline and intro part of the article.

It seems that the “…NOT!” part of Andrew Gazdecki’s “joke” arrived after a rather long pause, just like Borat’s delivery of the joke.

Unfortunately, to many, this approach was a “dick move” that the MicroAcquire brand does not deserve, particularly since they have filed for the registration of the ACQUIRE.COM mark at the USPTO. Andrew Gazdecki is also “poking” Elon Musk for the release of @acquire, a suspended Twitter account.

Andrew Gazdecki is very likable and he did appear apologetic about his “fun moment” later on. In a nutshell: Such impromptu news about large domain acquisitions should be taken with a pinch of salt; they might be “microacquisitions.”

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6 Responses to “ sales price quote; “dick move,” or just a fun moment?”
  1. Jamie Zoch says:

    Dick move. I will no longer trust a word he says, nor even consider using his service.

    I understand having some fun but there is a limit to it and one he crossed for me.

  2. bbai says:

    He knew he got a steal and knew the domain investors love knowing the purchase price ,so he played a joke with the price . Korean seller must have needed cash so bad,he sold for just $200000.

    Now we have to be careful when people say they paid a purchase price for any name,with no evidence. How do we even believe he paid $200k?Only if the Korean seller reveals the sale price. For now,I dont believe that guy .

  3. Sorry about that Domain Gang,

    It was an off the cuff joke. On Twitter. Also corrected. Not a press release.

    The negotiation story is interesting as it took 2-years to acquire

    Let me know if you want to hear the full story, happy to share on a podcast.

    Either way appreciate your support and feedback!

  4. BullS says:

    dickmove .. whatever
    you can fool others but you still can’t fool
    BullS because your acquire BS site is still BullS

  5. DomainGang says:

    Andrew, I appreciate the comment and sentiment! Let’s start over vs. focusing on the selling price (although the price is important.) Looking forward to seeing the new,

  6. Mike says:

    Tbh, I liked Andrew and follow his work but I don’t understand the rationale with the “joke” or “lie” or whatever you want to call it. In any case, it’s just bad for everyone. Did anyone even get the joke? As a domain investor and online business owner, I don’t see the humor.

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