#Clubhouse domainers : Time to get your 10 dollar domain name?

Call me stupid, but I just had to join Clubhouse. It’s an iOS app, so for us Android plebes it’s a no-go.

My fingers typed in www dot apple dot com and minutes later I was ordering a spanking new Apple iPhone 12.

Seven hundred dollars lighter—I wanted to keep my Samsung S20 and didn’t trade it in—I waited for that moment of epiphany: I was switching my love for Android to the “Be Different” brand.

Three days later, I unboxed my new mouthpiece to a world of stimulating audio opportunities and downloaded the Clubhouse app.

It was crazy. People were yapping about their success with domain names, mostly dot .Club. The main pusher in the chatter claimed you can buy them for $10 bucks and sell them for hundreds of thousands of dollars, just like that.

BUY .CLUB NOW BRO! LAST CHANCE BEFORE THEY SHOOT TO THE MOON BRO! exclaimed the stout Latino domainer (who told a few tall tales in the past, but I’ll let that slide for now.)

Wow, I thought to myself, I remember when dot .Club was a cool domain registry for cool businesses, not a peddler of domains like .XYZ and its penny campaign!

That probably explains why some random DJ/rapper wannabe from Kentucky recently registered DomainGang.Club. Alas, I’ve no intention to go .Club-bing these days, so he’s stuck with his Clubhouse investment until drop time.

Empowered by all this digital hullabaloo of encouragement, I decided to go get the best domain $10 dollars would get me: 10Dollars.com.

Typed that in, only to be greeted by a $19,995 dollar price tag on Afternic.

FML. That’s no good. 🙁

Feeling dejected, I deleted Clubhouse and sent the iPhone back to Apple. Everything is quieter now and loads much faster on my good old faithful Samsung S20.

Clubhouse domainers – Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

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