Did Webfest steal our idea from two years ago?

The antagonism between TRAFFIC and Domainfestnow, Webfest – is well known.

For years, both conferences stayed away from each other’s toes, but at the same time they both fought tooth and nail for the numero uno spot in domainer conferences.

In a funny, strange, odd, and ironic twist, two years ago we listed Kim Kardashian as one of the “Top 10 Celebrities you’d see at future TRAFFIC.

Kim made it to #5 on that list, and for obvious reasons.

So did Webfest steal our idea from back then?

Highly unlikely, but it seems that Webfest officials share our deranged mindset when thinking out of the box. 😀 Once again, parody proves to be the force behind creativity and imaginative writing. Life imitates fiction. It’s a form of art, regardless.

While Kim Kardashian will be the butt of many jokes (pun delivered,) she also has the potential to display her charismatic skills in oration. The latter, for a change, has nothing to do with the acts of the video that shot her to stardom.

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