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#Domains versus #crypto : Who wins the duel?

This month’s Editorial is about domain investors moving their hard-earned cash to cryptocurrencies and facing a very hard week.

Cryptos dropped 15% – 20% on average across the board, and the market is extremely volatile; the so-called “correction” might take long to recover from.

If you panicked and liquidated your crypto, no worries: there are plenty of opportunities to invest, in quality domain names.

So far, major domain aftermarkets don’t accept crypto as a payment form, but in the future this might change.

For now, get your dollars and euros ready, the domain market is at a healthy low level as far as “pre-owned” domain names go.

Make offers on Sedo and Afternic for domains you’ve been eyeballing, as it’s more than likely their owners will be tweaking prices lower in today’s bad economy.

Other marketplaces, such as NameJet, are full of inventory that might receive less competition per domain auction.

The beginning of the Chinese New Year will invigorate activity, so now it’s your chance to avoid crossing swords with NameJet legends First and Two Two.

Overall, both the cryptocurrency market and the domain market complement each other. Use both wisely.

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2 Responses to “#Domains versus #crypto : Who wins the duel?”
  1. Fuadiansyah says:

    Why choose when you can let them in harmony.
    I use my crypto gain on my domain especially for renewal, and when my domain sold, I divide half for domain and half for crypto.
    So far so good….

  2. Eric Lyon says:

    At the moment, domain names are scalable, while the technology behind cryptocurrencies is not. That should be a big deciding factor. Be sure to do all your own research though.

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