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Editorial: A message from beyond the #domain blogging grave

Is domain blogging “a dying art?”

Rick Schwartz seems to think so, and in a post written at 7:00am today, he points out the quantity of posts appearing on the Domaining.com timeline, since Friday night.

A quick backgrounder on Domaining.com and its free services, for those that are not initiated.

As a domain news aggregator, Domaining.com syndicates posts from the RSS feeds of domain-related blogs. Because Francois Carrillo runs a business, new blogs pay an one time fee, in order to receive the aggregation privilege. It makes sense, although not every aspiring blogger finds the amount involved to be reasonable. There are many domain industry blogs not included on Domaining.com, because they choose not to pay that fee.

Blogs are inherently more active during weekdays, particularly on Mondays. Things slow down on Fridays, and not everyone provides domain-related content as part of a business model. Most domain bloggers do it for the fun of it, and as a form of venting out; some do it to promote their own businesses or those of others. We all have operational costs and carry advertising to offset that.

We understand Rick’s point though: the Domaining.com timeline used to be a busier board in older times. But those times involved a larger community of bloggers that have retired from blogging, for reasons of their own.

Rick misses the “good old days,” but those days are forever gone. Even the Domain King himself officially retired from blogging in 2015, excluding today’s thought-provoking post, of course. 😀

A lot of information related to domain names doesn’t receive coverage, unless extensive research is performed, which takes time and effort.

Not every “domain blogger” has the time to perform such complex tasks, all the time. We all have our own personal lives to work with, and our domain blogging schedules often wrap around our life’s other activities. And that goes beyond eating, and sleeping for a reasonable amount of time!

There’s a solution for those that want to peruse endless domain information at any time of the day: visit the domain forums, such as DNForum and NamePros.

They operate 24/7 and provide a constant flow of discussions. It takes considerably more effort to weed out the white noise, but that’s the downside of getting more information, all the time: you’d have to pick the cherries yourself.

Here at DomainGang we’re committed to sharing domain industry news and information, often in the form of parody, and have been doing so consistently since 2009.

And now time to log off for a few hours and take care of life’s matters, on this fine, rainy Sunday.

Domain bloggers – Photo by Mark Duffel on Unsplash

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