Editorial : Better get the domain news out while it’s fresh!

It’s November already, and the best time to grow some facial hair, supporting the Movember Foundation.

Also, time for the monthly DomainGang editorial. Today’s subject: getting the news out, while it’s fresh.

Domain bloggers and professional industry reporters receive press releases, some of which might arrive with an embargo; a date, before which they cannot be shared.

In general, we observe such requests, unless we have already researched the subject through some investigative reporting, extracting the same information that the press release provides.

The idea behind the sharing of domain news is that it’s fresh.

Press releases, overall, are pre-packaged stories, and require spiffing up and additional processing, in order to become interesting, stand-alone pieces of information.

We have no problem spiffing up your press releases, news and other marketing material; in fact, we’d gladly do so, giving you extra eyeballs and additional exposure, so reach out if you must.

Whether it’s real news coverage, or parody content designed specifically to attract visitors, we’re here to help you expand your audience, using our expert and unique methodology.

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