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Free on the 4th of July : Anti #GDPR block has been removed

On May 25th we announced the blocking of 28 European Union countries from accessing DomainGang.

That measure was a conscious decision in opposition of the ridiculous, far-reaching GDPR introduced by Eurocrat bureaucrats.

The provisions of the GDPR are outright fascist and complemented by the follow-up of Article 11 and Article 13 that were approved recently. The measure killed the WHOIS and is affecting domain investing transactions and investigations of online crime.

America is celebrating its 242nd anniversary of independence tomorrow, and we are removing all blocking of the European Union countries until the end of the week.

Despite the many problems delivered by its current leadership, America’s spirit leads the world on freedom and democracy issues. It’s the fundamental foundation of a country created by immigrants of every race and religion.

God bless America, with apologies for our current choice of a president.

Freedom – Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

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