Gawd, I hate #domainers with a passion!

I absolutely loathe the idea of selling domain names to domainers. They are the scum of the earth. Those lowballing, domain-hogging bastards expect millions of dollars in exchange for a .com they got at GoDaddy drop auctions.

[Insert smiley.]

That’s right buddy, you paid $11 for and want me to pay the price of your next Corolla? Ain’t gonna happen.

Listen, I’m a reasonable guy. I want to pay a fair market price for your shitty .com, so I will pay exactly what it’s worth!

The problem with most domainer priced domains is that they are numbers pulled out of their rear. They are numbers based on a lifestyle scenario.

For example, Timmy knocked up his wife and they are expecting a baby. Good on ya, Tim, but why do I have to foot the bill of your new baby nursery, crib, renovation and ugly made in China toys?

Get real, my man. If you want good money, give me good domains, not some afterbirth juice.

OK, maybe I’m hard on Tim but you catch my drift here – hopefully you do.

When it comes down to domain deals, there is a fine line between a good deal and a shitty deal.

If I can’t flip the domain for profit, it’s a shitty deal. If I have to do the work of the person selling it, it’s a shitty deal. And if you mention all the benefits of the domain, discounting the fact that I’m a veteran domain investor that can define a domain’s worth on my own, get outta my face!

Truth be told, coffee does charge me up a bit, so let me set that mug of java down for a second.

There’s nothing wrong with asking whatever price for any domain name – it’s a free country.

Want to seek $10k for a crappy JQZX “Chinese letters” .com? Go ahead, although the boat already sailed back to Shanghai three years ago.

The issue I’m having is when you try to convince me your shit is “the” shit, while I happen to know what good shit is, and it’s not coming with a description label – it’s self-explanatory.

Domainers need to focus on cleaning up their inventory first, before pitching it to others. It’s called weeding and feeding your domains – so do it now, before you contact me.

Over and out!

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One Response to “Gawd, I hate #domainers with a passion!”
  1. Krista Gable says:

    If you find a gem on the drop and list it for sale with a high BIN a genuine buyer will find you if its a true gem. However, if you hand register a domain today and send me three agressive emails on why I should immediately pay you 25k you get immediately BLOCKED. Great write up Theo.

    Oh and is available to hand register right now. I will send you an invoice for 25k. 🙂 J/K..

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