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Hurricane Matthew : Editorial from an undisclosed location

Hurricane Matthew is one sick mofo of a hurricane.

Floridian domainers would acknowledge that this is the closest that Florida has been to sustaining devastating loss of property and life, since Hurricane Andrew.

Those of us that experienced the 2004 trifecta, take note: Matthew is a bigger hurricane, scraping the guts of the Atlantic coast.

Naturally, it’s not pleasant acknowledging such facts. Here at DomainGang we wish that all domainers would join in together and fart in the general direction of Hurricane Matthew. Some do it during domain conferences, so why not here. 😀

Unfortunately, that’s not possible, so mother nature will have to roll the dice once again.

To all domain investors affected by this bitch of a hurricane, stay safe. If you’re hunkering down, make sure you remain in high ground. There will be lots of wind and rain. If you ran out of water, drink wine.

We chose to move away from the megastorm, hence a lack of focus and energy to report on news about domain investing. Hopefully this will change soon.

Stay safe everyone. This too shall pass.

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3 Responses to “Hurricane Matthew : Editorial from an undisclosed location”
  1. I’m in west Broward county, and the storm mostly missed us… just some rain and wind guts.

    But please DON’T “fart in the general direction of Hurricane Matthew” because hurricanes feed on warm air and we don’t want it to strengthen!

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