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Nothing beats a public flogging – An apology to Adam Dicker & DNForum

Writing this post is more or less like self-flogging. And we deserve it, because we screwed up – big time.

A lot of DomainGang readers were shocked to see a story from a couple of days ago – which has since been removed – about how Adam Dicker, owner of DNForum.com, was supposedly closing down the forum.

That story went live despite being simply an untrue, “shock factor” piece of fiction.

No, we are not going to do it again. Yes, we deserve the backlash, being yelled at and disrespected – and we are eager to gain your respect back, through quality posts that poke fun at the domain industry, without seeking attention at any cost.

This is an open letter and an apology for the undue stress caused to Adam Dicker and his business, to the DNForum members and to other domainers.

The fun we’re having writing parody related to the domain industry ENDS when YOU – the readers – aren’t having any fun with what we do.

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