Relax, it’s only Friday!

Why the negativity in the domain blogosphere?

For the 4th post in a row, Rick Schwartz is thumping his chest about the Overstock “about face.”

Surely there are more positive things to talk about but there seems to be an obsession in the air over Dot Co.

As a consumer, I never saw the branding as more than a shortcut to a web site that offers good deals for products.

As a consumer familiar with a brand, I don’t care if I have to type or or

The latter, is available to register. But I’d rather be typing in,

Rick’s statement that you need to own the .com in order to launch a business on a different TLD such as .co really surprises me. After all, he’s rumored to have invested in several thousand dot co domains so why all of a sudden so much hostility on the extension that hands down presented the best marketing effort in 2010 and sponsored many domain conferences?

But hey, it’s Friday – controversy traffic counts.

Edit: To answer Rick’s response regarding closed comments, all DomainGang editorials have no commentary.

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