We miss you, Rick Schwartz !

This Saturday morning I visited Domaining.com for the usual domain blog inhalation. Nothing interesting caught my eye.

Rick Schwartz’s usual post was sorely missed. There is something unique about reading Rick’s “Morning Folks!” salute that I cannot find elsewhere.

Naturally, I had to check with Rick’s blog, just in case. Nothing new there as well.

I became increasingly melancholic, especially after the afternoon weather in central Florida changed to overcast.

It seems that even Florida sunshine is mourning, the demise of Rick’s posts.

So come on, Rick.

It only takes a max of 20 minutes to type in something of substance, utilizing your usual staccato style and wisdom. Who cares about the comments, the arguments, the “pigeon shit” references. You don’t have to even blink twice.

All we need is a post from you, every day 😀


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