Your #domain names are safe and secure at #Uniregistry

A lot of ignorant commentary in blog posts today suggests that your domains at Uniregistry are in some type of “danger,” or lockdown.

Others raise a “warning” that if the supposed transition fails to move your domains to GoDaddy, they are liable for only up to $10,000 dollars.

The truth of the matter is that your domains are safe and secure at Uniregistry, because absolutely nothing changes and no transfers are occurring.

The only difference is that the Registrar is now owned by GoDaddy, and all contractual agreements are with GoDaddy – not with the company Frank Schilling founded.

Simple as that. So why the white noise about stuff that isn’t true?

Comment trolls and some well-known but otherwise harmless competitors of Uniregistry rushed to spew venom all over a great transaction benefiting not just the parties involved, but also the domain investors and end-users that trusted their domain name portfolios with Uniregistry.

Sour grapes! 😀

To recap: The existing pricing isn’t changing, the features aren’t changing – even the log in process and user experience isn’t changing. If anything, GoDaddy will be improving vastly in the coming months, all thanks to technology acquired by buying Uniregistry. It’s a win-win situation.

If you are looking for Frank Schilling’s Uni Naming and Registry, that’s at

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