AhmetHashish Rahajani : Is how I play for register domain and success


Salaam domains.

Hello and salaam to you, friend, this is AhmetHashish Rahajani, domainer expert from Persia.

Also write book in success of domains.

I ask to you, what find names for success? I know it Chinese, short name is me.

But let’s see how best way make million, as I do, every month, no effort.

First, roll spliff with grass. Spit on paper roll good, ok? Important.

Then light match, make smoke and inhale.


Fantastic, I smell already domain success. Strategy, win.

But no stop now, time blow smoke out of – how you say – ass.


Domain name now better no?

Sold $10 million in domain, mostly fantasy game and success no stop now.

But I use GoDaddy, NameJet only. Sedo ok too. Other venue bad.

Listen secret method and make money, ok? Domain is easy.

Back soon maybe next month new lesson domain invest.



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