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Domain community : Five questions with Art Malkov, founder of Meetup.NYC

Art Malkov - Meetups.NYC founder.

Art Malkov – Meetups.NYC founder.

Local meetups of domainers, investors and entrepreneurs are all the rage currently.

People simply want to network with their peers, in a location not too far from their home base.

After witnessing the great success of Meetup NYC, we reached out to Meetup.NYC founder, Art Malkov, for a swift interview.

Art attended NamesCon 2016 and left the biggest domain conference of the year energized, loaded with ideas, fresh enthusiasm and having made many new connections.

DomainGang: Art, how did you get started in the domain and digital fields?
Art Malkov – Meetup.NYC : One of my first projects was on OperationsManager.com and it turned out to be a very effective way to use a domain name. It opened a lot of doors, helped with SEO and I took to heart the value of domains and why it made it an important part of the business.

The domain itself is a great start, but it’s still up to the business model to work. A great domain won’t help a bad business but it can help transform a good business. I’m a partner in NeedGrowth.com, specializing in SEO, content and design.

DomainGang: How did you get into .NYC and where did the passion begin?
Art Malkov – Meetup.NYC : I always liked SEO and Domains. I have worked as a digital marketer for a number of years and .nyc just made sense, from every angle. New Yorkers love NYC and business always used NYC in their domains already.

Instead of having somethingnyc.com or somethingny.com or nycsomething.com, there is now a way to just have one variation, no confusion and no mix ups. Brilliant!

I have been a part of start ups, and being in NYC it really is a place of engagement and high energy.

Dot .nyc domains are truly a social experiment. I am very happy to be a part of it and see how it changes the digital landscape of the city over the next few years.

DomainGang: What is your latest project and what are you currently involved in?
Art Malkov – Meetup.NYC : One of the big projects we’ve done recently, is Souvenirs.nyc which was built from the start as a local online platform for New York City tourists and even locals. We have people ordering from all over the world items that are truly made in New York City.

Now we are testing souvenir tours that showcase New York and allow you to get gifts right in the midst of the city.

DomainGang: Why operate Meetup.NYC?
Art Malkov – Meetup.NYC : During the auctions, I was very excited about .nyc and decided that it would be great if like minded people who are excited about NYC could unite.

It turned out great and the venture now plays the role of a great community leader for local business and domain enthusiasts. It is a mix of people who are excited about NYC and tech.

DomainGang: What will be the future of .NYC?
Art Malkov – Meetup.NYC : I’m seeing a great adaption of .nyc by businesses in almost every vertical. Start ups, events, small businesses, restaurants , charities, churches, studios, government agencies, real estate, marketing, dealerships, museums, and so many more. It is fascinating to watch and be part of the evolution of NYC.

I am planning to be at the vanguard of the .nyc adoption, and it looks like there are great things in store for it.

Thank you, Art, for your insight and we are looking forward to seeing your next ventures materialize!

Don’t forget to visit Meetup.NYC.

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